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Why Staffing E-brochure

Staffing firms creat e jobs. And they offer flexibility for employees. Or additional income, or training, or a bridge to permanent employment. For businesses, staffing firms provide work force flexibility and access to talent. And for the economy, staffing firms increase labor market flexibility. Learn how a staffing firm can help you.

Millenium’s Approach to ACA

Learn how Millenium is making the Affordable Care Act work.

Best Practices for Using Temporary Employees

You’re a leader, a real forward thinker. You see opportunities, and you make them happen. But at the same time, you’re sensible. You don’t take unnecessary risks or waste money on needless expenses. As you plan for future projects, you realize an inevitable dilemma is bound to arise: how to get the work done without increasing staff? Best Practices for Using Temporary Employees helps you make the intelligent choice.

Four Steps to Motivate Employees

There is no particular set of rules that one should follow in motivating employees. As a manager, team leader, department head or supervisor, you need to determine the individual driving forces of those who are in your team so that you can  create a motivated workforce. Our four easy steps on how to motivate employees can help you get started.

101 Recruiting Ideas

Our top list to get the employee that you want.